Tomoya Shirei x rvddw "PRIMITIVE"

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Official reversal explanation Mr. Shirei's unique view of the world and a masterpiece of fine touch with pen drawings.
A piece that feels the primitive power of the combination of martial arts yin and yang, spiritual circulation and edgy motifs.
(Big Silhouette TEE) (5.6oz / 100% cotton)


  Shirei ] Instagram @tomoyashirei


 Born in Tokyo in 1992. A pen painter who continues to work based in Tokyo.
It features a detailed screen drawn under the theme of "absurdity in the world."
The unverbalized movements that change unknowingly, such as the communities to which they belong, the relationships that stick to each other, and the individual emotions, are embodied in unique motifs such as the human body, cells, and liquids.
In particular, in recent years, he has focused on the texture of black ink, and has continued experimental efforts to expand expressiveness in a wide variety of ways, such as using pen types, airbrushes, and brushes for dust and broom tips.
Beside that, he also creates fashion brand directions, designs, murals, and CD artwork, expanding his range of activities.


S (Height 65cm x Width 55cm)
M (Height 69cm x Width 58cm)
L (Height 73cm x Width 61cm)
XL (Height 77cm x Width 64cm)

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