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A mask made in Japan that uses the antibacterial and antiviral functional fiber processing technology "CLENSE®".
The mask using the antibacterial and antiviral functional fiber processing technology "CLENSE®" in three layers has the effect of inactivating 99% or more of specific microorganisms such as about 20 kinds of viruses even after washing 50 times. It also has excellent washing durability.
Uses a face-fit type that fits into the silhouette of the face.
The design is based on the image of a mask worn by many athletes with weakened immunity before the game and during the weight loss period for prevention.
(Material: Body 100% cotton / String 95% Cotton 5% Polyurethane Country of origin : Made in Japan)



* Mask does not completely prevent infection by bacteria and viruses
* General because it is a face-fit type The shape is different from that of a non-woven mask.
* If it feels small, gently expand and contract the mask string and body to adjust.
* Colors may differ from the actual ones depending on the shooting conditions and screen.
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