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Reversal original material: Best-selling series of 70D class 4-way stretch nylon featuring high kickback.
Although it is made of highly sporty material, it has a matte texture and an elegant look.
A snap shirt that debuted this season.
The big silhouette TEE-like narrow silhouette design makes it easy to wear like a T-shirt, so even those who don't usually wear shirts can wear it smoothly.
Tighten the first button for a beautiful look, open it for a rough open collar style, and the drawcord at the hem allows you to enjoy changing the silhouette.
A well-balanced length when layered with a T-shirt or tank top, and a refreshing piece with excellent quick-drying properties.
You can also enjoy set up with the same material series (shorts, jogger pants).
(Nylon 88% Polyurethane 12%)


S...Length 69 x Width 52
M...Length 71 x Width 54
L...Length 73 x Width 56
XL...Length 75 x Width 59
*±1~1.5cmcm Some individual differences may occur.  

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