Nalgene 1.0L Tritan

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The best-selling brand of plastic bottles, "Nalgene".
A cap that is light and durable, is made of saturated polyester resin that has a transparent feeling like glass but has little plastic odor, does not easily transfer odors, does not leak, and can be opened and closed at a low number of rotations.
The product design, which is strong against impact and hard to break even if dropped, is highly trusted by the outdoor scene despite its simple structure, and has been attracting attention and popularity in the field of gym work and fitness in recent years.
The wide mouth makes it easy to put in drinks and ice, and the lid has a loop so you don't have to worry about losing it.


1000ml (h.21.5cm x w.8.9cm) * Full capacity approx. 1.1L

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