MOSH pants KYOTO ALOHA with ZIP pocket

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It is a Kyoto specification that redesigned the item that was originally planned to be sold at that hill!

It is a model with a ZIP pocket!
It's a running and LIVE venue. For dive and mosh!
We also have an XS size that kids can wear! 

The fabric is lighter and the pattern has been changed to improve the size when worn.
It has been enhanced to handle any movement than the previous model!

This model does not use Maddick tape.
The size can be adjusted with the straps inside the waist.

XS Length 44cm / Inseam 19cm / Waist 58-78cm
S Length 46cm / Inseam 20cm / Waist 64-92cm
M Length 48cm / Inseam 21cm / Waist 72-98cm
L Length 50cm / Inseam 22cm / Waist 76-104cm
XL Length 52cm / Inseam 23cm / Waist 82-110cm

* The waist is made of rubber. Notation is from minimum to maximum.

* Please note that the actual color may differ slightly from the photo.