Kensuke Takahashi x rvddw "BATTLES" TEE

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Two lions fighting over the STONE AGE-like BIG MARK LOGO in a chaotic world.
A delicate and overwhelming expression unique to Kensuke Takahashi is an attractive piece.
(6.2oz / 100% cotton)

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  A painter from Yokohama.
With solid descriptive power, precise technique, and free creativity that jumps over reality, the style of drawing without deciding the style of painting is centered on large mural paintings, interior mural paintings of restaurants, providing artwork to companies and governments, and live painting events. The range of activities such as appearances is expanding in a wide variety of ways.
In recent years, Kawasaki City Hall, JR Yokohama Station Ekinaka, Yokohama Yoshidamachi, Yokosuka, Machida, Pow! Wow! Japan Kobe, Macau, etc. as large-scale mural paintings, and Kanagawa Prefecture enlightenment project, Yokohama Port Opening Festival 2019/2021 as artwork provision And many more.