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Official reversal explanation "Camp" which became a big boom due to the corona whirlpool "Bonfire" which is one of the leading roles in it.
It seems that the bonfire has the effect of promoting concentration (FOCUS) and relaxation.
This is the merchandising of the "Bonfire and Mental Concentration Evening" experience live tour 1989 by the leading person who caused the outdoor x martial arts mixed camp boom in the 1980s.
Home training in the corona whirlpool, the boom reignited due to the popularity of camping, the original King of Healing, as a person at the time as a naturalist, the video at that time was over 1 million views on Youtube, the price of tour TEE soared even in the used clothing market, the most among them This is a fictitious design that the popular rare TEE is here.
(6.2oz / 100% cotton)


S ... Length 63 x Width 47
M ... Length 68 x Width 52
L ... Length 72 x Width 55
XL ... Length 75 x Width 60
2XL ... Length 80 x Width 65  

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